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    XML export issue


      This is a pretty specific XML question.


      I'm exporting an XML file from FMA 11. No stylesheet being used at this point. I'm then using the XML file in Stylus Studio to create a stylesheet for exporting later from FM. The file is 90% flat with only a few fields coming from related tables. They are always a single entry. Everything is a 1:1 relationship.


      Everything is going along fine. I get to a point where if I add 1 additional field to the export suddenly the XML file contains an extra ROW tag. The second ROW element is a near duplication of the first. The data for the extra field only appears in the SECOND row element, not the first. If I remove the field, the second ROW goes away.


      In Stylus Studio there is a mapper tool where I can draw links between source and destination. This creates the stylesheet for me.


      In the source side the second ROW element never appears in the mapper window. If I look at the raw source file I can see it, but not map it.



      Why is FM suddenly creating the second ROW element in the raw XML export?

      Any suggestions as to how to fix this?

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          Can you attach the XML file, so that we can have a look at it?

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            Attached is the raw XML file.

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              Hmm. Nothing extraordinary found. From the recordid attribute values, it looks like these are 3 different records. Also my test XSLT file, which just copies the records, does run throught without errors, indicating that there are no non-XML characters which could create problems.


              What happens if you export in the FMPXMLRESULT grammar? FMPDSORESULT has been deprecated. And what happens, if you move the resulting XML file in the FMPXMLRESULT grammar back on FileMaker Pro to create a new database?

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                I'll have to try in FMODSORESULT. This export is just used to create an intermediary file so we can built the stylesheet. Once the stylesheet is created with export with that.


                Now that you mention that there are 3 records (which I saw too), that has triggered something in my non-XML optimized brain. Will try that too and see if that changes anything.


                Thanks for looking at it.

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                  Ended up being my own stupid mistake. The XML is fine. It was my found set of records that was wrong. At some point during the process I duplicated my record that I was exporting. So it was doing everything perfectly - exporting 2 records when it should have been doing 1.


                  Once I realized that, all is fine again.


                  Silly me.


                  Thanks for the help.