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    FM12 Speed


      After the release of FM12 many Threads have been written complaining the lower speed of v12 against v11.

      It's no longer so!


      I'd like to post my recent experience with the migration of a .fp7 solution (built between FM7 and FM9) to FM12.

      The Database is on LAN, 5 users, over 300Mb of database with many, many tables, scripts, fileds and a complex relashionship graph.


      I tested in parallel using the same client with both version of FM11 and 12 on the same LAN: the standard server 11 (mini intel core 2 duo) and a test FMS12 (on my Air 2011) via WIFI.


      I know: 2 mac very different, the Air faster but the wifi compensates a little


      In a moment with no trafic I've made se same identical operation on the same data (immediately after conversion of the DB, rebulding index). Despite the WIFI connection my speed on complex script (such as loop beetween records) was better on FM12 (from 30% to 100%). To repeat the operatione gave FM12 even more speed...

      I've tried a specific task that downloads from server a lot of information, sorts and summarizes them and in this case FM11 was faster giving me the confirm that the WI-FI connection is a big bottleneck.


      I was expecting a collapse of the performance but tests said the opposite.


      So I've tried the migration and performances are very better than before. Also in listing many records with conditional formatting (I remember was terrifying on the first release of FM12)



      I think that all the update to server and client in this year has improved fm12 performance to a pleasant level.

      Do you agree with me?



      Next step will be an hardware upgrade in order to take advantage of 64 bit (multicore and more RAM)

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          So when performance in FileMaker 12 was better, it's because the new version is faster; but when the experienced performance was worse than FileMaker 11, it's because of the wi-fi connection? That's plausible, but not very convincing. You should test FMS11 vs. FMS12 on the same host machine using the same network connection. Can you describe exactly what each benchmark operation did and your measurements for how long each took in each version of FileMaker? Can you post the database files you used for benchmarking so the rest of us can replicate your experiment in other settings?

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            No I can't



            My preliminar test let me think what I wrote.


            Then when I really upgraded i've had a relevant increment of speed in any operation...


            The sense of this post is to testimoniate a positive experience; we use to share only the bad experiences

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              Sharing anecdotes is helpful, but evidence would make us more confident.

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                Performance is mostly case by case,  since specific features were reported to be "slower" ( and some faster )




                > After the release of FM12 many Threads have been written complaining the lower speed of v12 against v11.

                It's no longer so!