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    Adding a signature to a layout


      I have a table of managere. The fields in the manager table are ManagerID, ManagerLName, ManagerFName and a container field called ManagerSignatures.

      I use the signatures in a form letter. The signature is dependant on the manager.


      I insert the signatures into the container field by using Insert Picture and then browsing to the file that contains the signature. I then put the containers field on a report layout (Letter)

      as the signure for the letter. The problem is that the signature comes out really small small and faint. This occurs no matter what file type I am using. I've tried bmp, jpg, wmf and gif as well as vaying the size and resolution of the file

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          A couple of things to check:


          1) Be sure your scanned signature is done with a medium ball pen. Really fine ball points don't scan a well IMHO

          2) crop the scanned signature to minimize extra whitespace around the signature and then

          3) set the container field properties to reduce or enlarge the image to fit.


          Extra whitespace is considered part of the image and the container will by default shrink the image to display it in the container. Removing the extra whitespace allows the image to show up with minimal resizeing (or even resized larger if the container field is made bigger). This allows you to size the signature to fit the document in your layout.