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Extension folder FMP11 vs FMP12

Question asked by psijmons on Mar 20, 2013
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In another discussion, Alan Stirling made the following remark:


Secondly, there is now a shared folder for FileMaker plug-ins, which can be accessed by FMP 11 and 12.



I am running both FMPA11 and FMPA12 on the same developer machine (Mac OSX) and I do see crashes when e.g. the 360Works SuperContainer plugin is both in the original folder Applications/FMPA11/Extensions and in the ~/Library/Application Support/FMP/12.0/Extensions folder.


Is it true that FMP11 can also look in this folder? (using the adjusted path for version nr 11.0/Extensions) ?

I did try this some time ago and it didn't solve the crashes, but I did not try this in detail moving all plugins around.