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    Rolling Reports


      I have a crosstab report showing sales figures by month for each financial year. It would be useful to show the previous 12 months figures, like a rolling 12 month report. I've thought about it and cant see a way of acheiving it other than making 12 crosstab report layouts for each month as we go through the year. The thing is 12 isn't too bad but if I want to do this weekly then thats a lot of reports.


      Suggestions would be great.





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          Niko -


          One way would be to use global fields for your months rather than hard-coding them. Then you can set the globals to the month / year you need when calculating the sales figures as you move across the columns.


          Another way would be to rework your crosstabs to use HTML and a web viewer.



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            Hi Mike,

            Thanks for the response.  I like the sound of that. At the moment my crosstab report for each year is generated using a global field filtered by passing a number depending on which button is pressed to select it.  I'm just not sure my Filemaker skills are up to the task of bringing the month into play as well.  At the moment I have 12 calculations, one for each month and 12 summaries, 1 for each month.  It is starting to get cumbersome the more I put into it.  I havent tried HTML or a the webviewer yet.  I was thinking along the lines of creating 12 more calculations based on the current month, current month-1, etc. I thought this might be the simplest way of doing it, with my knowledge of Filemaker anyway.  Doing it with globals does sound like the way to go if I could work it out.