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Discussion created by dscott23 on Mar 21, 2013
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If one of my USERS wanted to perform a FIND for the following information


People who live in New York City and San Francisco only

People in those two cities who are African American, Male,

People in those cities who have a HS diploma or SOME college


Our DB has a drop down menu listing all of the cities so doing a find on city=New York then expanding the found set to include San Francisco is easy......(2408 records out of a possible 10399)


Then I constrain the found set asking for African American (another drop down) and Male (another drop down. (761 records)


This gives me Africian American Males living in New York City and San Francisco.


How do I then constrain the set to include only HS grads and people with Some College (both in cluded in the Education drop down list)


Maybe the better question is....Can a user choose two variables from a dropdown list while searching? That would make searching so much easier with out the expand and constrain. What I find myself doing is getting the search to a certain point and then exporting the records out to excell and finishing the search from there...but this totally defeats the purpose of the FMP database....as no one can alter any of those records while outside of FMP.