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    Imessage, is it possible?


      I was wondering if anyone sucessfully intergrated Imessage in a script instead of using "Send Mail"


      I would like to implement this into a script, Let's say when a process is complete (from the home office using FMP, a FMGO user on a IOS device would get notified that a new record is waiting for them and vice versa, when the FMGO process is complete, the home office would be notified.... possible?

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          I am pretty sure the send email function of FM will only send email.

          There are plugins and webviewer options for SMS.

          I've used skype with links...

          There must be a way....surely!!!???


          @Andrew D are you reading this? Do you know?

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            There's a great utility app I learned about at Pause in Error called Alert Flag. You can download it for free at the App Store. The you can schedule notifications for your iOS device from FileMaker. 


            On the desktop I would stick to email.


            And don't forget that you can add an fmserver email to your VIP on your device and then you will get a pop-up notification. 


            SMS is also a great way to do it.


            You could use AppleScript to send an iMessage notification probably but I don't see the need for it, really and it would only work on the desktop.


            Hope this helps.