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    FileMaker Pro not saving changes . . .




      Have you ever heard of an issue where FMP does not save changes to field data? A USA company runs FMS in the USA and has an office in China that connects to the FMS in the USA. The issue is exhibited only on one particular computer in China. The same login is used on multiple computers, but the issue is only seen on the one particular computer.


      Is this a known issue? Are there known causes? Are there known solutions?


      Any help is greatly appreciated.


      Thanks so much,



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          Not a known issue. If it only happens on one computer then obviously its unique to that computer.


          Sorry, without knowing the structure of the file its really hard to give advice. I have a couple general suggestions.


          Check for a local copy of the file. Since the file is hosted on FMS you can use the Get(Hostname) function to find out where the file is located. If its different on that computer then find out where the 'second' copy of the file is located. Most likely its on the problem computer.


          Check the access privileges when the file is opened on that computer. A different set of credentials could have been saved on that computer. Possibly the account you think is being used is not the one used on the problem computer. Especially if single sign on is being used.



          Depends on the how the data entry process is structured.

          Check that the 'changes' are being made in the real record. If the data entry screen uses Global fields for data entry and then validates the values before storing them in the real fields the script may be failing validations without warning.

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            LOL... my first thought was 'it's on a CD or DVD or locked drive.

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              Thanks ch0c0halic.


              I will look into what you wrote about.


              Anyone else have some potentially helpful words?