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Portal not showing the correct information

Question asked by katdowns on Mar 22, 2013
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Hi all,


Just wondering if any of you can help me....


I'm completely new to FileMaker Pro 12 and I'm building a database as part of my job to hold the company's information on special and customised products.


My tables are: products, changed products, request and company.


I've built my tables, fields, and relationship graph, which seemed to be working okay. I also had portals working in products, changed products and company.


However, I changed some information in the products table and now the portal I have on that layout (joined to changed product) is showing up the wrong information. It's showing up information for another product rather than the one it concerns.


I have attached some screenshots of my relationship graph, tables and of the wrong info in the portal.


Could somebody please help me and explain to me (in simple terms!) what I am doing wrong so that I can fix it.


Thanks in advance