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What's the Best Way to Navigate Between Many Parent/Child Generations?

Question asked by jmci on Mar 22, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2013 by LaRetta

My current table has 17 tables in 3 majjor chains of parent / child relationships. Each of these 3 major chains have 5 generations of relationships. For example:


Client related to 0, 1, or many Projects

Project related to 0, 1, or many Deliverables

Deliverables related to 0, 1, 0r many ProjectItems

ProjectItems related to 0, 1, many OutsideCosts


On the layout for each generation I have a portal to the child (except for OutsideCosts which has no children). I find it frustrating to drill down from the top to near the bottom of the chain of relationships to access great grandchild records. It's easy for a user to get lost. It would be great to have an interface that lets the user see at one time, and navigate through, the records in multiple generations of relationships. Has anybody already come up with an elegant solution to this problem?