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Discussion created by rickfry on Mar 22, 2013
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I am trying to create a votes application to run on some ipads.

The basic idea is to create a database that runs on an ipad that allows the user to vote for various questions. For example the question asked of 10 emplayees is do you like the new company logo. The faciliator ask the employees and enters there resoponces individally. This process is repeated across multiple ipads for multiple questions. The questions may have 2 to 10 answers all of which are pre entered.


The method I have used is to create 4 tables (see enclosed sample)

Table 1 =question table. 2 Fields question_number and question text

Table 2 =answer table. 3 fields answer id, answer_text and question_id

Table 3=scores.4 fields. question_id, answer_id,score-id and score

Table 4=votes. 2 fields vote_id and question_id


Please see the enclosed file to see relation ships.


My thoughts were to create a portal on a layout based on votes. I have the question_id and in the portal I have the answers. This part works great enter the question number and the answers appear. My next step was to add the voting buttons so I created 2 buttons a plus and a minus (see screen shot below) if you clicked on the plus the votes for that record increased by one. I also had a counter to make sure that the user didnt use more than there 10 votes.


I can here you saying thats all well and good but if some else adds votes pn another device my totals not correct which is why I am writing this plee for help. As a newbie I am sure I am missing something obvious here but I just cant find it.The encosed file is a mockup just to demonstrate my table set up.portal.JPG


If you need any more information please reply to this. Thanks in advance