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Mac Mini Server and Filemaker 11

Question asked by JimBrear on Mar 22, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2013 by taylorsharpe

Our development work is almost exclusively done in the Wndows environment and it is 15 years since I have had much to do with Macs.


However the need to set up an economical server solution for a client, serving 15 databases to 12 Users has made me have a closer look at the Mac Mini.


Currently the FMPro 11 files are served ond an aging Windows 2003 sever than is doing other things as well. I wish to set the Mini up as a dedicated FM server.


I need some Mac guru advice before I proceed further. Filemaker 12 is a horror in the Windows environment at the moment and I would prefer to keep everything in 11 until Filemaker fixes the problems.


My question - will Filemaker 11 server work OK on the latest Mac Mini Server. If so will I have problems obtaining a Mac VLA copy of Filemaker Server to apply their existing Licence to. I have never had need to download a Mac Server VLA master in the past and hope I have not missed the boat.


The Mac Mini appears to be amazing value. The whole package for not much more than a Windows Server Licence!


Thanks for your Help


Jim Brear