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Importing Records from Runtime Solution not working

Question asked by kraftfm on Mar 24, 2013

I am working on a solution with a client and providing iterations to the client to trial and provide final tweaks/requests/recommendations. The client has begun entering data into these Runtime Solutions and wants the data kept as I iterate. I have used the import records function with only partial success.


My specific issue is when I import records which use cross table value list look-ups. For instance, I have a standard invoice-like solution. The invoice line items go to the product table, via a primary key-foriegn key relationship, and the user sees a pop-up menu and can choose a product by name (using a value list and showing the value from the second field). This is all standard basic Filemaker stuff. The issue is when I import those records, the invoice line items, I only get the foreign key (e.g. product) number. When viewed in the Layout it shows the number and not the related name using the value list relationship.


Should I import data differently? This similar situation is happening with other tables in the solution. All with the same value list type of look-up field.


Are there scripts to write to obviate this?


Would appreciate some insight. Thanks.