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Changes aren't saved although Memory pref set to Idle Time

Question asked by micinfo on Mar 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2013 by micinfo

Mac OS 10.7.5, FMPA 11...


I have a file that remains open on my office desktop all day long as I enter data here and there throughout the day. Even though my Memory preference is set to save the cache "during idle time" and I click out of any active field, my changes still are not saved in the Time Machine backup unless I manually close and then re-open the file.


Any suggestions for getting the data changes saved on the file so that Time Machine will back up those changes without having to close the file or invoke a script to deliberatly save the cache?


What does "during idle time" mean if it doesn't save the cache to the file during idle time?!





- Phil.