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    Filemaker Server 12 Admin Console won't start


      26 March 2013: I had the trial version of FileMaker Server 12 running perfectly on my MacBook Pro with Java 7 and Lion 10.8.3 (all latest updates).


      I uninstalled the trial version to install the free developer version (fms_12.0.2.232a.dmg). After that installation, which was successfull, the admin console won't start. I've cleared the java cache and reset Safari. I've tried uninstalling FMS again and deleting the ~/Library/FIleMaker Server/ folder before restarting, emptying the trash and reinstalling. I've run disk utility and repaired permissions.


      The admin console tries to start but just keeps showing the page below. It retries about every 30 seconds but doesn't show the start button. Nothing happens when I click the link except the download thing which shows on the top right adds another file. I can't help thinking that there is something left behind on my machine from the trial version of FMS and, even after uninstalling it, it remains which may now be interferring with the developer installation. I'm frustrated and at the end of my knowledge. Please help.



      All I see is:

      FMS Screen.png

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          Did you just try returning to http://_yourIPaddress_:16000 to redownload the launcher for the new install?

          It sounds to me like your shortcut is trying to connect to the installation of FMS that you uninstalled.


          Also, why the reinstall? I thought in 12 you could just plug a license key into the trial, actiavte, and be good to go?

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            When I uninstalled, the shortcut on the desktop was deleted by the uninstall so it couldn't be that. A new shortcut was created by the install. I went to localhost/16000 and still get the same problem. What you say applies only for the full version. The developer version is restricted by number of connections so appears to be a different dmg.

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              I had a similar problem with starting the admin console and had no option but to run it on a different computer on my local network just to get things set-up. I persisted with my attempts to launch the console on the Filemaker Server host computer and finally got it working. My problem was that when I quit and attempted to relaunch from the desktop icon, it wasn't the console that opened, but mac os Software update. Huh? Anyway, I reluctantly updated my Java and it worked again... right up until a few days ago. Now when I try to launch I get an error message that says "... the application has requested a version of the JRE (version 1.6+) that is not installed." Oh yes it is.


              Anyway, I guess the upshot of all this is that whilst I can run the admin console on another computer, I'm okay. But I do wish Filemaker would dump this failing attempt at an java interface and find another route to a GUI. Going back through all modern versions (8 onwards) of FMS and FMSA this java admin console has been nothing but trouble.


              Mind you, the database server continues to act normally - well, suppose a meaning of normally unique to Filemaker.




              Mac OS X 10.6.8 FMSA 12.03

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                First, see if you have the latest version of Java 7, then clear the Java cache.


                If that doesn't work, I would try to uninstall Java 7, and place Java 6v29 (installs with FMS12) to see if that works.

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                  Thank you, ctlpsbcne, helpful advice... I will certainly be willing to try both of those suggestions, but maybe not whilst the server is running. The next time I cycle the server (restart it), I'll give them a go.



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                    Thanks everyone for your tips. Another unsuccessful night. I uninstalled Java 7 and cleared cache and reset Safari, restarted and reinstalled FMS12. No Java comes with it. Java 6 no longer supported/supplied by Java. Tried to reinstate Apple Java with no success as it's blocked by OSX I think. Reinstalled Java 7, restarted Server from Terminal and fmserver java process is running. Used server test page and test database opens from server but I still can't access the admin console to configure FMS. Is there a problem with the admin console in the developer version with Java 7 or has my previous installation of FMS Advanced (trial version) broken my computer?  Next step for me is a fresh reinstall of OSX.

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                      ok so the issue has finally been resolved after help from Filemaker Support. When you the link that says "click here if the admin console did not launch automatically", it downloads a .jnlp file called admin_console_webstart.jnlp which shows in the downward pointing arrow to the right of the address bar in Safari. Since Apple is blocking the auto running of jnlp files, it doesn't work so you need to launch the jnlp file by clicking on it then everything else will proceed as normal and you can configure FileMaker Server.