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    Selective Email blast base on value in ValueList in a 2-level portal setup


      Dear FileMaker Developers,


      I need to email to person who did not turn up for the session, which they have signed up for previously. The 3 tables are




      Subject ID
      Module ID

      Register ID

      Subject Name
      Module Name

      Student Name

      Start Date
      End Date
      ... ...
      ... ...
      ... ...

      ONE SubjectHasMANY Modules

      ONE ModuleHasMANY Registration


      The field ATTENDED is a Value List containing YES and NO. I am able to send email to ALL students that have registered for a particular module to remind them. On the day when the module is conducted, the teacher will take attendance for the student. IT is either Attended (YES) or Did Not Attend (No).


      The question I encounter now is how to send email to all students who DID NOT attend across ALL the module EXCLUDING those register for modules that fall after the current date.


      The module is conducted serveral times a year and student who fail to attend can register for the next date. My job is to email to invite them to attend the next schedule but I do not want to include those that are already registered for that schedule.


      Eg. the next date for Kinetic Energy module is on 2.Apr.13. Some may have already registered themselves for this date. The email should exclude these group of users.


      Hope the decription is clear enough for your analysis.