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Generating an efficient layout

Question asked by wildmatt101 on Mar 26, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2013 by jbante

I am working on creating a dynamic solution that would allow the ability to fill in a service invoice and work authorization directly from the iPad and transfer the data back to the office. I am having problems figuring out a way that I could take a 60 line service contract and break it down into multiple sections as to keep the number of columns in my form table down to around 20 to 30.


With this goal in mind, the service invoice would have two form ids associated with the layout. One Id for lines 1-30 and another Id for the other 30. This method would be very similar to the portal field.


My goal is to allow multiple contracts to be added to the system and have the form data stored under one table as opposed to individual tables. Then depending on the length of the form, I could adjust the number of ids that are associated with the form.


Anyone have any experience doing something like this and could provide some feedback on the topic?