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Processing Files, how to rename and move files?

Question asked by mbust on Mar 24, 2013
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I have a db that gets files via email using 360Works email plug in. I need to move and rename the files from the temporary folder where FM has them to another folder for later processing. To do that I wrote an AppleScript that takes the file, renames the files and moves moves them. The AppleScript works perfectly well when it runs by itself from the AppleScript editor, but I want to run it from a FileMaker script as a calculated script so that I can take the path of the temporary folder from a FM variable. I can easily save the AppleScript to the FM Script, but when I run it, I get a 2741 Applescript error. I don't know how to debug the AppleScript from within FM.


So can anyone please show me how to rename and move files with a FM script?