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Navigation needing calc to restore last used tab

Question asked by Fimano on Mar 25, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2013 by Fimano

I have a good and working system for navigation in my solution. In a global var ($$currentTabObjectName), it stores which tab [object name] was selected, triggered by OnTabSwitch. However, this object name (like tab_address) is only unique per module, so in my module called STU (with student records), there is a tab_address pane, but in the UNI module (with records for universities), there might be a tab with the same name. This is allowed by FMP and I do not want to force myself to name the tabs differently. So in essence, if I was at the tab_address pane in STU, the system currently would 'think' I should return to tab_address in both STU and UNI, even if my last selected tab pane in UNI was tab_document.


OK, so much for the background. I am wanting a calculation to determine if a list contains a string (that part I can easily do) and if so, this string's entire line/value should be removed and replaced with a new one. An example could clear things up:







could be my desired list of "tabs where the current user left the module". Now, if they went to STU and selected the "tab_document" tab, the list should be still 4 lines/values, but the 1st value should change.


What would the smart calculation be like?