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Import records unaccounted for - How???

Question asked by tb3 on Mar 25, 2013
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I have a fairly small database, < 3000 records now. Every week, new records are received that must be added. They are co-mingled with records already in the database. It is important to NEVER replace existing records with new! IThe existing records are the ones with notes, records and updates. The duplicates need to be gleaned from the new records and the remainder added to the existing. I've read the documentation and followed directions.

(There are no consecutive numbers or dates that would make manual editing easy - they are a mess.)


I field map using three fields, DBA, Lic #, and City. Because the existing needs to be protected, I transfer it into a cloned DB copy that already contains the new. The transfer quantity never adds up. For example, Today new records totaled 1591. I transfer 3062 existing records into the the 1591. The count in the Status Bar says 3119 records have been added. This is incorrect by 57 records. So, while the found set says 3119 records, I go to table view to check out a count I did with serial numbers before the transfer. The count says 3062 which is correct. Thinking twice, I run the count again on the found set after the transfer. It really is 3119. But last week my count was low, which drove me crazy for a day until I finally settled on a result that I think was close to accurate - but not accurate by filemaker methods. To make this a more confusing, I created a field in the existing file of 3062 and put "yes" in the field as a marker. Now, after transfer Yes is in the field of all 3119 records. I need this to be fast & easy. What am I missing? (FYI - when the 'old' were transferred into the "new' about 500 of the "new" were eliminated which is probably correct - but not easy to check - and confidence, for reason above, is low.)


The choices made on import are are, "update matching records in found set" and "add remaining data as new records." Of the three fields used for matching, none are blank.


Windows 7 - Filemaker 11


Thanks, Thom


By searching for serial number matches, I've discovered that Filemaker is duplicating certain records in the exieting set and eliminating others. The existing set needs to be protected. The purpose of transfering it into the new is to knock out the duplicates in the new set.



I have a working solution, till something better comes along. There are duplicates in the new database I'm importing into. Removing these duplicates by hand is time consuming, but having done it, records in the original database are no longer multiplied when I import. And some records were not duplicated but were lost on import. Having removed the duplicates that issue has gone away as well. So, this solution is a time consuming process, if anyone sees the big picture and knows how to streamline it, please share.


Thanks again, Thom