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    Modal window oddness


      I'm not sure if this has been discussed elsewhere, if so I can't find anything.


      Since moving to v12 shortly after it's release I have noticed some really odd behaviour with modal windows, so much so that I've stopped using them. Whether it's modals or just my code thought I'm not sure (probably me :-)


      In a mainy PC environment with 15 users I have experienced people being thrown into the wrong record during use in modal windows. It seems to be where a script opens a new windows (modal) and creates a new record, then another user triggers the same or similar script, or deletes a record in the same table, the original user sees the record they are editing being replaced by another "random" record (the random record seems to be either the first in the found set or the next in sequence, I'm not totally sure).


      Has anyone had similar things happen?





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          Stephen Huston

          Is there any chance of a user being in list-view mode in this modal window?


          Modal windows in list view seems like a potential problem as the user could change record focus, and the creation of new records by other users might affect the visible list. I use form-view-only as the layout setup when creating special layouts for modal windows.

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            Hi Gary,


            I have experienced the same thing.  I believe it might be solved for you by adding a Select Window[] immediately after the new modal window is created.  Interestingly, I was good to document my script (attached) where I noted the behavior.  Re-reading help over and over at the time, it seems there is a logic here although a bit obscure.  Hopefully others can fill us in.


            BTW, this was on Windows system.  A fellow developer on Mac could not replicate, possibly because Mac would already have the 'window' selected?



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              That's very interesting LaRetta


              I develop on a Mac, but the issue is occuring on PCs.


              I'll give it a go and see what happens, cheers



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                Worth a check mate, but they are form views, cheers