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    Record creation via "push" very slow


      Trying to make an application faster, I've been trying to create records via the "push" method, including a global field as part of the relationship, then using set field to force the creation. But I'm obviously doing something wrong, as the creation is painfully slow - several seconds. I have a table of Sessions (SSN) with related Attendances (ATT) - an Attendance record represents a person (from the PPL table) attending a Session.


      The "create" relationship is:


      SSN_g_PPL_ID = ATT_kf_PPL_ID

      SSN__kp_ID = ATT_kf_SSN_ID


      From the context of Sessions, I set the global field (SSN_g_PPL_ID) to the primary key value of the Person. I then do a Set Field of another field in the ATT rec, which forces the creation of the record. It works, but, as I said before, very slowly.


      If you have any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong, I'd be very grateful. This is in a data-separated solution, FMPA11, Windows.