If you have a Mac and a PC adjacent for layout comparison - you need Synergy

Discussion created by dubl on Mar 26, 2013
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Hi list

After using this for many years and realising what a time-saver it is, perhaps some developers will benefit from it.

Synergy allows you to control a mixture of Mac and Windows machines from the one keyboard and mouse.

I have on my desk a MacMini running FM Server, a MacBook Air and a PC laptop.

When I move my mouse to the left of my Air screen, the mouse pops onto the Mini screen. Moving it to the right of the Mini screen, pops it onto the Air screen, then when I move to the right of the Air screen, it pops onto the PC screen.

It's sort of like a KVM, but not - you have a seamless flow of the mouse through all of your monitors - and naturally, where your mouse is, your keyboard is active too.

Support has varied over the years for this open source product - it is in a donationware state right now. The current version 1.4.10 for the Mac has a nice GUI which allows easy drag and drop of the different monitors - I have gone back to the command line version which is 1.3.1 however, because of mouse sensitivity issues when using the spiffy GUI version.

I have no involvement with this software other than wanting to share what a time-saver and simplifier it is, so that it continues to be developed.




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