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    What happened to the FileMaker 12 shirt?


      There is no FileMaker 12 Certified Developer shirt in the FM Gear Store.


      Is the FM gear "depreciated" in FM 12?

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          I noted this and asked my FileMaker rep about it.  They are also out of all FBA shirts and only have small sizes for TechNet shirts.  So basically they are out of inventory and apparently this third party company isn't making more.  My FileMaker rep said we could go to our own shirt company and have the FM Certified Developer logo put on it.  But you need volume to keep the price realistic and ordering just a couple of custom ones would be very expensive.  I'm hoping whoever coordinated this with the FileMaker Gear Store asks them to replinish and update.  Also, I don't think they ever carried a FM 12 Certified shirt... only up to 11.  So all the more reason to hope they will make a FM 12 Certified shirt.