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What am I doing wrong Data Entry Only User getting access issues.

Question asked by pmconaway on Mar 27, 2013
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Here is the setup


Database - file options - set to db to change to "Home Page" layout at Startup. Also have file Script Trigger "OnFirstWindowOpen" calling "startup script"

All Scripts in DB are set to "Run Script with Full Access Privileges"


When a user with the filemaker default access privilege set - "Data Entry Only" tries to access the database they get this dialog box before any windows upon up. "Your access Privileges do not allow you to perform this action" upon clicking the OK button the user is taken back to the username and password dialog box.


If I attempt this with the script debugger on. This happens before any scripts show in the debugger window.


Now the startup script builds a virtual list and then takes the user to the "Home Page" layout which displays the built virtual list for the user to select the appropriate client to work with. I have verified that all scripts have the check box checked to run with full privileges.




What am I missing? I can't figure out why this level of user is getting this message. Everything works fine when I login via a "Full Access" account. Any help is appreciated.