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Existing Record Prior to New Record

Question asked by orangej on Mar 27, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2013 by LaRetta

I am looking for a cleaner or easier way to do this...


I have a file that has the following fields....


First Name (text)- Last Name (text) - Name Validation (calculation just combines the two names)


currently I have when a user selects new record it enters into a find mode

a trigger activates after leaving the last name field and does a search if results are found it gives you the options to enter new or use existing and ect... but if a user enters select new contact

it does a copy of the first name field and creates a new record then does a paste to first name field. This makes the user re-enter the last name.


What I am looking for is the ability to Create a New Record trigger the last name to do a search if found delete the new record and go to the selected found record. My hang up is the deleting of the New Created Record with the name that already exists. I can't revert record because of the search. Any ideas or better ways to do a pre-search/


Thanks in advance!