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How to export filtered records to Excel using scripts

Question asked by matyson on Mar 27, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2013 by matyson

I have a database that once a month a specific nurse will need to export the records she has created within a specific date range and save in shared folder on a server.


I would like her to choose her name from a dropdown list, enter the date range to search, and then choose the out-going file name from a dropdown list. I envision her clicking a button to run the script with the above criteria to go to the layout.


I need her to be able to view the files in table view and then after review, able to click another button to perform the export to the specified file name. I do not care if the chose for the file name is on the first layout or the results layout.


Is this possible? I am fairly new in relational databases and any help would be useful. Thanks so much, Mary.