Field set to Radio button set rotated in list view

Discussion created by flybynight on Mar 29, 2013
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I have a Status field that uses a value list to show where a job is in the shop - different departments. When one department is done with a job, they just "move the dot" to the next one that needs to do something with it.

I have a list view that shows our current schedule of work. I wanted to just have this field rotated 90˚ and hide the labels to just show the buttons as a horizontal row, then have my labels in the header part. Looks great… until you try to click on one - then it rotates it back, dropping the radio buttons down vertically from the first (left) one. The worst part is that the one you clicked on does not get chosen. The first click rotates it down and highlights the button, then you have to click again or press the space bar to select it. The problem is that it is hanging down and no longer lines up with the labels and overlaps the other records. Screen shot attached.


Other than making 12 occurences of the field with a separate value list for each choice, any elegant ways to make this work?