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    Strange font behavior after OS upgrade


      Good day. I've recently upgraded my Mac to OS 10.8 (10.8.3, to be precise), and I noticed a really strange phenomenon with one solution. It has some layouts designed for IWP, which, of course, can only use the Classic theme. Suddenly, all the text has simply ... disappeared.




      As you can see, the text objects are still present; it's just the text itself has evaporated. The font is set to Arial. If I change the font to another font (say, Arial Black or Arial Bold), it appears again. Changing it back to Arial makes it disappear again.


      Anybody ever see anything like this before? Clues to the cause?



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          My guess is a corrupted Font. Use the Font Book application to check them all. Reinstall any corrupted or questionable ones.


          I've seen this mentioned before.

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            Thanks, Jimmy. I checked Font Book, and there does seem to be some sort of a problem with Arial:




            However, that picture is the font from October 2010 - way before I upgraded (version 5.0.2x TrueType). This is the one from my user library (version 2.9):




            I moved that one into the \Library\Fonts directory, but it still doesn't fix the problem inside FileMaker. I can turn off either one, and nothing productive happens. Huh?



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              Once a layout has a Font corrupted font definition it tends to hold onto it.


              I would try selecting all items on the layout and 'Cutting' them so the layout is completely blank.

              Then paste them back on and reposition to where they were originally.


              The Paste operation should paste the layout objects with the Font definitions from the current Font's in the system. If this doesn't help then I'd remove the arial font completely, reinstall it, and try again. Or do the Cut/paste on a computer that doesn't have any problems with the Arial font. This won't necessarily fix it on the computer with the corrupted font but should allow it to work correctly on computers that are showing the font as OK.

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                Well, this is just plain peculiar ...


                Tried your suggestion; no dice. And I also changed the font to Arial on another solution; same behavior.


                I think I'm going to throw in the towel in this case and just change the font. Something must be screwed up inside the system's font handling; I can take a font file that works perfectly well in my user directory and put it in the system Library - and it blows up.


                But thanks for the help - and the tips on what to do. It might just work in another situation.



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                  Hi :-)


                  The problem: numerous fonts are missing from the font menu selction ( directly in FMP13 ) especially bold fonts choices.


                  All missing fonts ( eg Arial Bold / Calibri Bold / Nunito Bold / etc ) show up perfectly fine in other apps ( Adobe, FontBook, Office, Text ).


                  Bold will show if the other fonts in the family ( light, regular, etc ) are removed.


                  Uninstalled FMP ( also used AppleShowAllFiles to access User/Library/Prefs ) and reinstalled FMP ≠ fix


                  Reset font caches ( shift key for safeboot + tried other thrid party font cache clearing utilities ) then start FMP13 ≠ fix


                  Created a new blank database and increased the Memory in Preferences to 512mb ≠ fix


                  Ran DiskWarrior to correct possibly damaged category directory ≠ fix


                  Minimized fonts folder to reduce the possibility of corruption:

                  • removed all 'beware/possibly damaged' fonts ≠ fix

                  • removed the number of fonts to less then 250 ≠ fix

                  • removed language and misc unecessary fonts ≠ fix

                  • put font in Libary/Font folder ≠ fix

                  • put font in System/Libary/Font folder ≠ fix

                  • put font in User/Libary/Font folder ≠ fix


                  Tested on a MacBook Pro 15" 2.3 ghz Intel iCore 7 / 8 gb ram / 256 SSD / upgraded from 10.9.2 to 10.9.4 ≠ fix


                  Seems like there is a bug in the FMP13 font menu engine.


                  Here's a similar post.







                  or, that's the way FMP works... the bold fonts aren't shown because FMP has a bold button.


                  I tested FMP 11 on my older Mactop and the bold fonts show along with all the other font choices.


                  Anyone out there? Maybe I should go to the discussion group or try to post this with fonts or something. Okey doke.