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Leading and Trailing Sub-Summary parts on the same Layout?

Question asked by mikefrey on Mar 29, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2013 by mikefrey

I built a report layout where I wanted to keep each instance of a sub-summary part and subsequent records on it's own page. In plain English, I wanted to 'force' the page break for each set of records summarized under a field called 'Ranch.' Through experimentation of moving fields around into different layout parts, I managed to put leading and trailing sub-summaries on the same layout. This enabled me to report the sorted records for a Ranch (via leading sub-summary) and then report the next Ranch on its own page by putting a 'page break after every 1 occurence' on the trailing sub-summary for Ranch.


My problem is this: I cannot seem to duplicate what I did before. Is there a proper way to create a report with leading and trailing sub-summaries of the same field on the same layout?


I have looked high and low through the 'Missing Manual' book and cannot seem to find anything that will help me. As an alternative, maybe someone could share a different 'scheme' for forcing the page breaks on a report layout?


Thanks in advance to anyone that can help!