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    Leading and Trailing Sub-Summary parts on the same Layout?


      I built a report layout where I wanted to keep each instance of a sub-summary part and subsequent records on it's own page. In plain English, I wanted to 'force' the page break for each set of records summarized under a field called 'Ranch.' Through experimentation of moving fields around into different layout parts, I managed to put leading and trailing sub-summaries on the same layout. This enabled me to report the sorted records for a Ranch (via leading sub-summary) and then report the next Ranch on its own page by putting a 'page break after every 1 occurence' on the trailing sub-summary for Ranch.


      My problem is this: I cannot seem to duplicate what I did before. Is there a proper way to create a report with leading and trailing sub-summaries of the same field on the same layout?


      I have looked high and low through the 'Missing Manual' book and cannot seem to find anything that will help me. As an alternative, maybe someone could share a different 'scheme' for forcing the page breaks on a report layout?


      Thanks in advance to anyone that can help!



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               Yes, I do this frequently. For instance, you can have a sub-summary part sorted by the field named Date (above the records it summarizes), and the same sub-summary below the records it summarizes. In the part below, I do not put the Date field and I shrink the part to a small number of points (5 or less). In the sub-summary below, I set my page to break after the desired number of occurrences, let's say one. When sorted by the field Date, my report shows one page for each date, with the Date field above the records summarized.


          Al Quimby

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            Thanks Allen, I downloaded the Filemaker Training Series yesterday and the solution was all laid out clear as can be in Chapter 7. I guess my problem was not what I was trying to do, but how. When I used the Part Setup dialogue to create the part it was simple and flawless. Previously, I was using the 'drag and drop' part placement tool while in Layout mode and I was not dropping in the right place so it wouldn't give me what I wanted.


            It seems like it should be easier and more intuitive to put a page break into a report, but at the same time this learning process has helped me give more thought to my layout design and what I want the end result to look like while I'm designing it.


            I hope this helps someone else who might have the same problem somewhere down the road.