Update "Modified On" and "Modifed By" with a Portal Object Trigger ... or?

Discussion created by lkeyes on Mar 29, 2013
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Hi all, need ideas on the following:


I have a table "committee" with a related portal "members". that displays the members of the commitee.

I've created fields in both the master table as well as its child table that are autoupdate fields for create date, modify date, and creator (account name) and modifer (account name)


Now, when I create a new committee, the autoupdate happens flawlessly. However, I also want to change the modifed date and modified account name in the master record, whenever the user makes changes within the portal displaying the members. In other words, if the user adds, deletes or modifies a member record within a committee, I'd like the *committee* record to reflect that the change was made.

Right now that doesn't appear to happen.


I'm thinking that I could create a script trigger on the portal object (on object exit) that runs a script to do the update such that the script is something like


SetField [Committees::Modifer; Get(AccountName)]

SetField[Committeees:ModifyDate; Get(CurrentDate)]


is this best practice, or is there some other approach I should be taking?


Many thanks.


--- L