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Email Container Contents in Body of Message

Question asked by MattLeach on Mar 30, 2013
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I'm working on an email module in a database. I have a separate table that stores all of the possible attachements that can be inclued in an email message. The user clicks a drop down and select what document they would like to attach.


Im not sure if this is possible but the user would like certain documents (usually images) to show up in the body of the email as opposed to an attachment.


I added a field to the documents table to flag whether it should be send in the body or as an attachment. What i have yet to be able to do is get the contents of the container into the body.


I have tried setting the field name as the MEssage: portion of the message but this only includes the name of the file, not the file itself.


Is it possible to do the above?


Just as a note, i know that with OSX mail it appears in the body but this solution will be used in Windows. Not sure of what mail client they are using yet.


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