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    Matrix Report


      I am trying to develop a matrix report that summarizes data in cells within rows and columns, similar to a crosstab report. Please see the sample data and sample data report. I have been able to summarize gifts by either the constituent type on the left side of the sample report or the purpose, but not by constituent and purpose at the same time.


      Any help will be greatlly appreciated.





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          I do not really understand what you are doing, but ExecuteSQL is a good way to summarize a field without context to the layout table occurrence. 

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            You can do this with relationships which match the data according to the purpose so long as the purposes are not too many.


            eg. if you have a global field for each purpose eg one which calculates "25UE" and a self relationship using 25th Affiliation1 and that global field to relate to the same table... that becomes your first column... by placing the related summary field for total Gifts in a summary part when sorted by 25th Affiliation1. You would create the same global calcs for each of "25U4" and "25UR"


            I hope this makes sense.


            - Lyndsay

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              You might also want to check out CCPivot


              A fantastic product from Cleveland Consulting designed to make pivot reports easy. Court and Kevin just released version 2 with some updated features.