Sales Order Process Discussion

Discussion created by DanielShanahan on Apr 1, 2013
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I converted an inventory system into FileMaker and kept many of the processes, including the Sales Order processes. I'm curious how other developers have managed Sales Order processes. I realize that each solution is unique and the process depends quite a bit on business rules. Nonetheless, I'd like to start a discussion on the Sales Order Process. For the questions below, the general process presumes the following:


1. A customer requests items.

2. A sales order is created with the requested items as line items.

3. A pick sheet is created.

4. The items are filled, partially filled, or not filled.

5. Filled items are sent and invoiced.



1. How are change orders handled?

2. How are back orders/partially filled orders handled?

3. Once the Sales Order has been completely filled, invoiced, and sent, did you retain the Sales Order or delete it?



N.B. I'm not asking for the "right" way or the "best" way. Rather, I'd like to know the various ways you've approached these questions and why you chose that way.