Server Side Script Export, Error 800

Discussion created by MattLeach on Apr 1, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2013 by BowdenData

I have a script that has been in use for about a year that i would manually run everyday to export information out of the database to be posted to our website.


Since i'm finally getting around to re-writing the database i figured i would make this a server side script so it would be one less thing i would have to do. The script is hanging up on one step which is exporting the data to a file. It returns an error 800 which is Unable to create file on disk.


On the server (Windows Server 2008, FMSA 12) I have a mapped drive setup so i can export exactly where i want it which is Y:eclcheckskrames.txt.


I figured that this error was being cause by it not being a local drive so on the c: drive i created a folder called exports and changed the script to export to c:exportskrames.txt. I figured i could always use robocopy to get it where i need after the fact. FileMaker does not like this path either, get error 800 on this path as well.


At this point i'm at a loss. Anybody have any insight as to why it cant create an export?