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FM12 Best Practices for Managing Folder Structure to Display Locations of Container Files.

Question asked by ArchitectureConceptsLighting on Apr 1, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2013 by EKZ

Sort of new at this. Have a few seats of FM 12 for users, FM 12 Server, Macs platform, etc. Trying to figure out how to insert PDF and Image files to specific fold locations using open storage. Not worried about security. Concerned mainly about keeping qulity organizational system for filing PDF and Imag docs to specific project, product folders, etc using a handful of container field disignated for certain catagories.

Example might be pdf format of several drawaing files per record that are inserted in saparate container / record that are scripted to go to individual folders.Each folder name might include job name and job number based on the documents project name/number. All of these separate job folders would live in a single folder named "Job Files" or "Folders".Would be graet to have for each document display the file path in a field next to the container. One container field per record.

Would like to be able to be in control of where doc goes upon insert in container, file pathe where doc lives and retrival of file via container. Perhaps one container for 1) Job Files another for 2) Product data sheets

3) Product images and so on.