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Sub-summary report analysis

Question asked by davehob on Apr 2, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2013 by davehob

I'm creating a subsummary report of scores for various outcomes, and so far so good. I'm sorting the data by outcomes and people to give me, for example:


Outcome - "Self-confidence"



1/2/2013 - score 1

1/3/2013 - score 3

1/4/2013 - score 4



1/2/2013 - score 3

1/3/2013 - score 2

Outcome - "Taking Responsibility"





The next step is a summary part for each outcome to say how many of the people achieved an increased score in the data reported. So, in the example, Fred would have increased, but Jane wouldn't. I've been trying to achieve this with min and max summary fields, but can't work how to combine these values with their dates to ask "is the oldest score greater or less than the newest score?".


If you have any suggestions, I'd be very grateful. (FM11)