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Multiple relationships / subgroups

Question asked by flybynight on Apr 2, 2013
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Having one of those "banging my head against the desk" moments…


Our main table "JobTickets" is a child to our "Contacts" table, which is a child to "Companies".

In JobTickets, I have a field _fk_Contact_ID that is linked to Contacts::__pk_Contact_ID. On the layout, the users pulls down a pop-up menu of _fk_Contact_ID which is linked a value list of Contacts::__pk_Contact_ID also/only displaying records from Contacts::Company_Contact which is a calc field concatenating the Company and Contact name.

This part works just fine.


All of my ID fields are hidden from the user, showing only human-readable values.


There is a Contacts::Groups field with checkboxes for Designer, Vendor, and Sales. Right now, I am trying to create another field for the user to select the Designer (we may bill to the main client - the primary relationship - but it is valuable to know where the files came from, and we have a couple dozen contacts flagged as Designers that we work with often).

So I have set up another TO from JobTickets::_fk_Designer_ID to Contacts::__pk_Contact_ID and also matching the Contacts::Groups field to JobTickets::zg_Designer (a Global field with the contents "Designer").

I have a value list set up to use values from Contacts::__pk_Contact_ID also/only showing values from Contacts::ContactName (a calc field concatenating First and Last) and set to Include only related values from my new JobTickets_CONTACTS__Designer TO. I also want to display the primary phone and email for the designer so we can easily contact them with questions.

On my pop-up menu, I'm getting "<no values defined>" showing up.


I have also tried setting the value list to use fields from JobTickets_CONTACTS__Designer and include only related values starting from "JobTickets" - but I still get the same results.


I'm sure I'm missing something easy. If someone could shine some light, I'd be most appreciative.