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    FileMaker Server 12.0v4


      I've just seen the announcement for this and the requirement to uninstall FileMaker Server before installing. Assuming this isn't a late April Fools article (if so, you got me!), if you run a Windows server do yourself a huge favour and ensure you create a compressed copy of your inetpub folder and backup your current IIS files before uinstalling anything.


      In our experience uninstalling FMS on Windows can destroy your web sites published on the server and, without these backups, will leave you digging through your backup tapes/disks.


      There are some good articles on the web on how to do a safe uninstall/reinstall, which does include the use of appcms.exe (IIS backup/restore) and switching ASP.NET 2.0 between 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows, which we've always had to force on our 64-bit servers.


      We could put together a quick summary of procedures if it would be of interest anyone.


      I've no experience of uninstalling FMS 12 on the Mac OS, but hope the above helps prevent someone going through what we had to learn the hard way!



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          I've uninstalled FMS on Mac OS X and it does not effect any of my 60 or so domains on the same machine.  There is a choice to use a different PHP version if you want, which you can choose.  But it doesn't get rid of any other versions.  So it sounds like this is just a Windows issue.  But thanks for noting this in case I have to do this on any Windows servers. 

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            Mac users note that because FMI relies on that sweet Java technology, 10.6 Snow Leopard is no longer compatible with Server 12.0v4.

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              I find nowwhere some information, what was fixed with this release.

              Any reaso to update?

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                Yes, the National Vulnerability Database run by the US Department of Homeland Security issued a US-CERT/NIST vulnerability warning, CVW-2013-0422, warning that all versions of JAVA before Java 7, Update 11, are vulnerable.  Basically, this means that not only is there a way to hack earlier versions of Java, but a known hacking tool has been released into the public for such purposes.  If your computer publicly faces the web, you are vulnerable to being hacked very easily. 

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                  that should be a good reason to upgrade,


                  but to cancel support for


                  Snow Leopard




                  Windows XP


                  over night even for client FileMaker PRO can´t be too clever, I think ... too many business users still use these systems, even if we think they are outdated ...

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                    but to cancel support for



                    You're not reading it right.  FMI did not cancel support but is calling these technologies deprecated.  Meaning that support for them will stop at some point in the future.  For now everything will continue to work.


                    Deprecated <> not spported


                    It's basically fair warning to move off those platforms sooner rather than later.

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                      the German language knowledge base article says:


                      "Hier ist eine Liste der ausgelaufenen Elemente für die FileMaker 12-Produktfamilie:"


                      the word "ausgelaufenen" means "dropped" and is perfect tense. This gives the impression, that from now on (12v4 and forth) the listed features are not given any more. Might be a bug in translation.

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                        Regardless of the semantics, FileMaker Server 12v4 uses Java 7 and Snow Leopard does not support Java 7, meaning FileMaker Server 12v4 will not work on it.  If you have a FileMaker Server on Snow Leopard, now is the time to upgrade.  Windows XP has nothing tod with FileMaker Server since Windows XP is not a server platform and does not run FileMaker Server.  However, as noted in last month's tech breif, FileMaker has used various wording to let you know that when they design future versions of FileMaker, they will not be testing or assuring that they will work on Windows XP.  They may work, but they may not and FileMaker is not guaranteeing anything.  And FileMaker is not the only one abandoning future support for WIndows XP... so is Microsoft! 

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                          I myself know that using XP and sitting on it is no good idea nowadays. I wouldn´t do it.


                          But when I look at our Google analytics still a third of the users out there is using, what we don´t like to see ...

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                            At the risk of starting a flame war, which I don't want, I run into the may/may not work thing in the current, supported versions of FM.  Bugs are present in even many of the core features.  "Guarantee" is a strong word, which is rarely taken seriously in software development, and that is obviously not just a FileMaker thing.  Adobe, Microsoft, Apple, etc are all guilty of coming back with the ever-so-famous "We can't fix every bug" line software developers like to use.


                            It would be nice if FMI could devote a team to fixing bugs in FM 10 - 12.  And pass the results up to the team developing the future versions.  I suppose it may happen that way now, but it doesn't feel like it. It feels more like moving forward is more inportant than fixing some of the existing, even long-standing, bugs.


                            And I partially feel that way based on the email I received today regarding the discontinuation of sales for FM Go 11.  There are still so many people using FileMaker 11, to end new sales of it seems premature. ( If you purchase it be for the end date, you will still be able to download it onto a new device if you replace an old one, just not purchase it for "new devices" ).  It feels like an attempt to force people to move to 12.  An example, a company has 10 employees.  They have their own personal iPads, and maybe even some company purchased equipment.  They paid good $$$ to have a system developed, that is running on FMS11.  There is no budget to have the system redeployed on 12, because they can't just convert it to 12, but cause of serious performance issues.  Three of their employees leave the company.  They hire 3 more.  This all happens in Nov 2013.  Those 3 new employees wont be able to download FM Go 11 to their iPads to access the company solution.  I may be missing something that makes this point mute, but you get the general idea.


                            taylorsharpe wrote:


                            ...They may work, but they may not and FileMaker is not guaranteeing anything...

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                              Don't worry, maybe FMI will wisely choose to end the requirement of security-vector Java installations by moving to the equally cross-platform Flash.

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                                I agree.  Stopping developing an older version of something is one thing - No one expects updates for FM7 now right? - But removing the ability to maintain a solution, especially on such a recent version is different and a real PITA.  I understand that AppStore sales != A purchased license that can be used indefinately, but I think FM are only looking at future sales when making this decision, not existing users.


                                I also concur that a little ongoing support for recent versions would not go amiss.  It's something you expect from most enterprise-level platforms after all.

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                                  eduncle wrote:


                                  I think FM are only looking at future sales when making this decision, not existing users.

                                  I also concur that a little ongoing support for recent versions would not go amiss.  It's something you expect from most enterprise-level platforms after all.


                                  I was never a fan of FMI using Java for the "Unified Admin Console" that was introduced with FMS9, for reasons I've stated many times before. And now clearly FMI has painted themselves in a corner with their dependency on Java.


                                  Having said that; you guys make it sound like it was a decision on FMI's part to do what they are doing now.  And it isn't.  It's a consequence of a decsion made a long time ago, not a consequence of a what they are doing now.


                                  Apple has always insisted in making their own version of the Java Runtime Environment instead of going with Oracle's official releases, but Apple gave up on that a little while ago. For some reason OSX 10.6 does not support Java 7 and Oracle is clearly not interested in fixing htat.  Nor is Apple.


                                  So what can FMI do?  Write their own version of the JRE for Java 6 just to keep going?  Not realistic.  The anger I'm sensing here should be directed at either Apple or Oracle.  Or you should have been angry at FMI back at FM9 for going with a java based admin console in the first place.  Hindsight is 20/20.  You're a little late to the game... you should have been there with me in July of 2007.

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                                    For me, I actually don't have issue with them having moved to Java.  I understand why they did it.  Not that it was the best idea.  My "concern", because I can't really classify it as anger, is on the things they can control.

                                    • They can control finding a new technology to run the Admin Console.  Even if it can't happen right now, they are moving toward finding something else to better suite the needs of the developers and users, I imagine.
                                    • They can control the amount of support for modern versions.  There are a number of bugs in 10, 11 that deserve to be fixed.  Rolling out 12, without fixing the bugs does prevent many people from feeling confident that FMI will fix the bugs that show themselves in the new versions.  I know they have fix many bugs, but there are many more that most users expect to be fixed. 
                                    • They can control how agressively they push to have people upgrade to the shipping version.  Ending purchase availability will prevent me from moving our office forward with FileMaker.  They won't upgrade until the next version comes out.  They really could use an iPad/iPhone mobile module for upcoming projects.  If someone leaves, we won't be able to purchase FM Go 11. And all the work that went into adding the FM Go module become depreciated prematurely.  I personally don't see a legitimate reason to remove FM Go 11 from the App Store.  In fact, I would recommend removing the price tag, but leave it available.  That would be a boon to everyone running 11.  Then, if 12 is a valuable as we know it is, the upgrades will come naturally...and the dependance on FM, breeds future sales.

                                    wimdecorte wrote:

                                    You're a little late to the game... you should have been there with me in July of 2007.


                                    Haha...I was just starting to learn FileMaker then.  Maybe I was with you. ROFL

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