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FM Server Adv 12.0.4 on OSX - complete shambles

Question asked by ResoluteSystems on Apr 2, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2013 by ResoluteSystems

Am I alone in finding this update impossible to install and configure for IWP on OS X 10.7? This is on a Core i5 Mac mini running OS X 10.7 with OS X Server 1.5 web publishing accessed via VNC.


First problem -

Java update 7 appears to have serious problems over Screen Sharing connections. Windows appear blank, including the Java Prefs window. So, it isn't possible to clear the Java cache after installing Jave update 7. The workaround is ridiculous - to force refreshes, after every field entry or mouse click adjust the size of the Java window. To refresh fixed size dialogue windows, drag them off the bottom of the Screen Sharing window, all but a few pixels of the window header, then drag them back again. Then clear the Java cache. Then install FM Server 12.0.4, in this case with a Server Advanced licence code.


Second -

After saving the databases and deleting the 12.0.3 installation, the downloaded Admin_Console_Webstart.jnlp never autostarts. A simple workaround is to start it from the Safari downloads list.


Third -

Configure FM Server whilst stretching the Console window and dragging dialogues around several times on every page. Such fun!


Fourth -

The deployment assistant doesn't allow deployment of IWP, although it is reported as Enabled. HTTP pages are being served by Apache, but trying to connect to a dtabase delivers an error in the browser "The requested URL /fmi/iwp/cgi was not found on this server". The Console Overview page Status message reads "An error was encountered communicating with the server and the Web Server is not configured." I haven't found a workaround for that yet.


This isn't what we're used to from FMI. Did someone forget to test this update?