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Filemaker Server Import Script from ODBC

Question asked by Padster on Apr 3, 2013
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I'm hoping that some-one might be able to help me with something that is confusing me.


Setup information;

FMS12v1, Actual Tech Oracle ODBC Drive, OSX 10.7.5


I have built a database that has a link to an outside source, 3rd party Oracle Database that I have no control over. I set up the ODBC connection the to Oracle Database, and managed to get the connection up and running. From here, I then set up a script that will perform the import, "select * from db.tablename". I set the import so that it would update existing records and add any new records. So, nice and simply, my script was;

Go To Layout[]

Import Records[]

I tested this on my local machine, everything works fine. I then moved the DB to the FMS and set up a schedule task to run this every 30 minutes.


For the first couple of months, this worked perfectly without any problems.


Now come my problem; for no apparent reason, the Scheduled Task on the server is 'exceeding time limit', (I set this to 15mins, though the import actually only takes about 1min).


There has been no change to the Server on my side, and there has been no change to the 3rd party Oracle Server. I can run the Script locally and as expected, the import completes perfectly. So there is just something on the server side that is causing the problem.


I have tested the ODBC connection on the server, this is still working and successfully connecting (I have also deleted and re-created this just to be sure).


Has anybody else come across this type of problem with FMS?