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FM script *steps* fail when triggered from PHP

Question asked by rhythmos on Apr 3, 2013
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Running into a problem I've never seen before: I'm using FX (not the FM API) to call a script from an FMNew() action. The script triggers, but does not succeed at setting field values with data from an external FM database *file* on the same server. The script works perfectly when executed from the desktop, using the same login as PHP uses.


The data is gotten through a simple relationship (a unique ID string). When executed via PHP, I can update local fields with static data (i.e., a test string), so I know the script is running. But the other Set Field steps simple don't accomplish anything. I tried surrounding the failing steps (there are 4, and I'll need more) with Error Capture on/off, and captured the Get(LastError) value into a local field -- and the error is "0" (zero), both from the desktop (which I'd expect) and from PHP (where it's clearly failing).


I tried setting up a second, separate test file/table, with an analogous 1-field relationship to the local file/table (again, on the same server), and I can update a local field with data using that relationship just fine, via PHP. I've tried turning off the login script on the referenced file, and tried running PHP under a [Full Access] account, all to no avail. The reference file is a pretty complex installation (not of my design, so I'm not yet completely familiar with it). It does use SuperContainer and DataGuard, though neither are invoked in the fields or layouts I'm referencing.


Perhaps interestingly, when I place a copy of the related field I'm trying to extract data from on the layout referenced by PHP, the resulting data array shows the field as completely unidentified (even though the contents are actually visible from the desktop perspective, again, under the same login):


[] => Array




vs. a local field


[Department] => Array


[0] => QA



or my test related field


[test::Name_First] => Array


[0] => amy




Any ideas as for what to check? I'm stumped -- not a feeling I'm used to and it's really irritating. :<)


In the end, I'll do everything via PHP if I have to, but that'll be considerably more work and harder for the in-house staff to maintain.




PS: The environement is FMSA 11 on Win Server 2008 (i.e., IIS)