Expandable/collapsable detail area (aka accordion) in list view?

Discussion created by thirdsun on Apr 4, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2013 by Mike_Mitchell

Is there any way to show/hide addtional detailed information for a single record in list view? What I need is a sub summary part that is only shown for a single record at any given time.


I often used a similar technique to show or hide detailed information for ALL records in the current found set - however this time only the currently selected row should have the detail part attached below while the rest of the records remain without detail. Can this be done via sorting? I already tried a few approaches - unfortuantely sub summaries aren't hidden if the SortBy-field is empty (which would make things much easier).


Some requirements:

- it needs to be a list view (I already found similar techniques for portals)

- I won't switch between 2 almost identical layouts to show/hide the detail part in the footer or header (maintaining changes between 2 layouts is annoying and not good practice in my opinion)

- this is a WAN-hosted solution with ca. 10000 records in the subjected table - that said sorting and searching is fine, but funny hacks that already feel less than instant on local setups aren't an option



Has anyone done this successfully? It's always disappointing how much effort and pain some very common UI controls require in FileMaker.