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Error selecting field in portal

Question asked by mcrostie on Apr 4, 2013
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My solution has a Person Table in list view and within each record has a portal of related images for each person. Some images are marked as "yes" and some "no" and some empty if there are no images relating to that person.


I have just added a Script Trigger "on record load" with the parameter's - Let( $$ActiveRecordID = Get ( RecordID ) ; "" )


This then does a conditional format - $$ActiveRecordID = Get ( RecordID ) - to highlight the current record "on record load"


Now the following which used to work, has some glitch


I have a button attached to the "Yes", "No" and "Empty" in each portal row (with a script attached), which then selects that particular record within that portal to add to another TO.


The first part of the script asks if a field has the status "yes", "no" or is empty


Now for some reason (my question) this is not happening corectly.


Any ideas?







Message was edited by: mcrostie Hi Again Attached is a screen shoot of my Person Table in List View. The green and red, (Yes and No) buttons start my order script and by selecting the corresponding buttons determines the image that is to be ordered. Without the on record load trigger script, my script does what is required by first finding the state of the button "Yes", "No" or "Empty" with an "if" statement. However, by adding the On Record Load Script, I cannot seem to work out why it is not selecting the portal line I have selected. Hope this is a little more better explained Thanks Michael


Message was edited by: mcrostie  Thanks to all that answered, I have found my error and have decided I require more study....... Even though I have selected the record (via the portal) and the On Record Load script - works - I am getting the Yes /No from the first related record in the record and not the portal that has triggered the On record load......Thanks all