FM GO - Drops PDF's attachments when sending email from iPhone5 and IPhone4S

Discussion created by HershHiltonHead on Apr 4, 2013
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I am in the testing stage of a client solution. I have created a solution that sends emails with attachments from the local copy of a FM GO (fmp12) file. The script creates a "TEMP.pdf" attachment and attaches it to the email - it works ALL of the time when on the Desktop unit - and it also WORKS 90% of the time from the localized copy residing on the iphone. The 10% of the time it doesn't work, it drops the PDF attachment, but sends the entire clear text message without flaw.


When I move the exact same copy back to the desktop machine (via itunes) and relaunch it using the same records. It sends the attachment with everything else intact. In a series of sends on the IOS devices it may send 3 emails in a row without error then Drop one, and then send 2 more without flaws. No pattern, just random.


Anyone else having same issue?


Any idea how to correct.


Thanks for anyhelp you can lend.


Mark Hershinger