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ODBC sample file (AdventureWorks2008R2) from Filemaker Training Series not to be found?

Question asked by on Apr 4, 2013
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Can anybody help me to find the download location of the EXACT adventure works database file (SQL) which is used in the Filemaker Training Series?


The handbook (Module 11 Connectivity / Appendix at page 11-64) refers to for the location of the AdventureWorks Sample.


However, at that page, I find : "There are no downloads associated with this release".


The alternative Adventureworks 2008R2 Database that is suggested, doens't have the same tables and content as the ones referred to in the handbook.

So I can't continue my training sessions.


Hopefully anybody can give me the correct location of this Database (to know if it's the right one : there should be tables in that database called "DimCurrency" and "DimCustomer")


Thanks a lot !