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      Is there a way to slide the items on the right side of the screen(aA) to (Edit Layout) to the center? Too far away on my Mac.

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          you can anchor things to either the left or right at specific distances, and can also anchor/expand/contract as well using anchor buoys:




          If you need critical OS-dependent control as well (you mentioned mac), you can also use a different layout for mac vs. PC, and put triggers on the layouts to send to the other layout if it is the other OS.

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            I think iew is asking about the controls in the Status Toolbar, not Layout objects.



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              Now that you mention it, yes, that makes more sense.


              But if that's the case, then no, there is no way you can adjust the position of the Aa button or edit layout button, as that's a program default.

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                Is it just me or does anyone else think the controls are too far to the right.  If you are using a 27" Imac that is a long trip for the mouse.  Hey, Filemaker listen up.  How about a click-option and drag them where you want them.  Well I can dream can't I.

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                  Have you ever thought about not maximizing the window on your huge screen?


                  I try to keep in mind that all of my clients do not have 27" iMacs running my solutions full screen. Therefore I develop for the smallest resolution I know is in use (1024x768) and accommodate the largest through sliding of objects. In fact I use an external monitor set to 1024x768 specifically for this purpose, so I've never even thought about the space between buttons in the bar.


                  Also, I'm using ctrl+L to get into layout mode instead of the edit layout button. The text formatting bar can be accessed in windows by Alt+V and the arrow key or mouse via the view menu. Not sure what the shortcut is on mac.


                  Most developers I know that have large screens are not running apps the full width of the window. Sometimes they are tiling three columns of programs across. IE web guys are running photoshop/illustrator open next to dreamweaver and a browser, video guys are running final cut next to a video preview window, etc...


                  Those buttons are designed to slide and accommodate the multiple window sizes that thousands of developers use. This is the first time I've ever heard anyone mention this as a negative aspect (hence my initial confusion in assisting), but personally, I don't find it to be a problem.

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                    The Edit Layout button is at top right of your screen, but there are other ways to do what that button does: there is a pop up list at bottom left of screen; there is command + L; there is the View menu. And of course you could always use a smaller window, as already pointed out.