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A report problem, help!

Question asked by MarcoV on Apr 5, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2013 by mikefrey

Here's my problem, I've got 3 tables, Task Table (containing among other things a Task ID), this has a one-to-many relationship to a table called Internal Resources (related by Task ID) this contains People information (key field is People ID). Then I have a 3rd table called Timesheets where I store what Tasks people have actually worked on (this has Task ID & People ID). I'm trying to get a report that tells me where people are assigned as resources and how much time they've actually worked on these tasks if any. Baring in mind that a person can work on a task they're not a resource on and conversely a person may not yet have done any work on a task they are a resource on. We need to see the task even if they are a resource and have not yet worked on it. The report needs to be sorted by People ID. There are search parameters too in each of the tables. Without having to trawl through the entire Task table record by record building up a temporary report table is there any other way?