Update to FMS 12.0v4, Java 7 not operating correctly

Discussion created by MicheleOlson on Apr 6, 2013
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I appreciate any suggestions anyone may offer.


I updated my FMS server to FMS 12.0v4 this morning. It is running on a Mac Mini [2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo] with Mac OS X 10.7.5, all OS updates in place and current.


When installing FMS 12.0v4, it included the Java 7 installation. (I did follow instructions for install, first uninstalling prior version of FMS12). On the server Mini, I am unable to open Admin Console to access FMS. I've restarted several times, deleted the .jnlp file and pulled a new one several times, all with no luck.


When I look at the Java control panel [Preferences > Java ], the Control Panel refuses to display.


Java does appear to try to run when called by the .jnlp file, but there is some corruption as large black borders appear around the screen. Admin Console attempts to go to the Security screen for initial setup (see below please) and nothing appears beyond a blank window with the heading Security at the top.


I AM ABLE to access the Admin Console from another computer. I was able to set up the security/account/password for the fresh install of FMS 12.0v4 from this computer [also a Mac]. On this Mac, I can view the Java control panel with no issues, so I know what I should be seeing on the server mini. The second Mac has OS X 10.8.3 (Mountain Lion) installed, but I don't believe that should be an issue for the server since the tech specs say Lion 10.7 and above. I can access all FM files on the FMS server using Open Remote, so I believe FMS is working at it should; it's just the access to FMS through the Admin Console on the server mini is not.


My guess is there remains some bits of Java 6 on the server and I need to clear them out, but cannot do so through the normal method of using the Control Panel.


I appreciate any direction about where to find all the *bits and pieces* of the Java installation. I think a complete removal and then fresh install of Java 7 would do it.


Thanks in advance.