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    Inserting Videos


      I have a container field formatted as interactive. On the PC if I right click and insert a video into a container field the video is stored. So I send the file to my client and he does the same thing but on a Mac 10.7.5 and sends the file back to me the video is not stored and the container reports the file as missing. But the ones i inserted are still there.


      I have looked through the documentation and there is no mention of this difference between platforms.


      Any ideas?



      John Morina

      PSI, Inc.

      CCQ-FM, Inc.

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          I might expect this behavior if you are working on FM 11 or before.  But I don't think it is a problem in FM 12.  What version are you working on?

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            Yikes - Sorry FM 12 v3 win. client on FM 12 v1 - he will update to v3 but i looked at the fixes and this issue isn't listed.



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              It works for me to upload a WMV to a Mac, but the preview doesn't work.  However, the file is there.  Create a calculation field to calcuate the size of what is in the field to confirm it is there:  Int ( Length ( GetAsText ( ContainerField ) ) / 1024 )  This will be greater than 0 if there is something in the container field. 

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                But i think if you move it to a different computer the file will be missing.


                I just did another test. I added an mp4 video on my Mac. I can play it but if i move the db to my PC it reports that the file is missing.


                What i am left to assume is insert QuickTime into an interactive container only loads the video as a reference.



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                  Remember that FileMaker does not provide video codecs or anything like that.  They have to inherently be on the Operating System.  If the Operating System does not have applicaiton support for them, they will not play.  But that does not mean that they are not there.  They just aren't playable.  There are lots of video support issues out there, but I find keeping Quicktime with H.264 on there, I can read most things. 

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                    Good point but the message in FileMaker isn't a codex error. It specifically states "This file cannot be found: CardSwipe.mp4"


                    So i copied the same movie to my PC and added to a different record. I can play it.


                    So i moved the database back to the Mac. I can only play the one I loaded in on the Mac but not the one I loaded on the PC. and vise versa.


                    Maybe this is a codex issue because the mp4 isn't a native format, even thought it plays, at least according to the Import options.


                    Another interesting note - if you record audio on the iPad it creates an mp4 audio file. I guess i have to do more experimentation with video formats



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                      Hi John,


                      Are you sure the movie is in the database and not just referenced as in FM 11.  Ik have been toying with QT VR movies in FM 12 v3

                      and ended up inserting them as a file to insert them in the database and then exported them and imported them as movie to view them

                      on the client machine.


                      If there is an other way I sure would like to know!


                      Hope this helps,


                      Best regards,


                      Ruben van den Boogaard

                      Infomatics Software


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                        If I remember correctly, in FM11 you can only reference movies, you can't insert and store them.  In 12 you can insert movies, but if you instead set it up as a reference, you have to make sure the reference is to something all the machines can see on the network. 

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                          Ruben & Taylor,


                          I re-read the help file on Insert QuickTime, both the script step and manual RT+Click, state in the notes that it is only stored as a reference.


                          Insert Audio/Video has a check box to store only as a reference. The problem is Insert Audio/Video requires the exact path to the file. You can't leave it blank and get a find file dialog like Insert QuickTime does. Very inconsistent behavior.


                          Ruben hit it with Insert File - this script step provides a custom dialog for finding the file with a number of options including how to store it.


                          Thanks all,

                          John Morina